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Borromeo Islands

Isola Madre, Bella and Pescatori are excursions of the Borromeo islands that you cannot miss

The Borromeo islands are in the Borromeo gulf overlooking Stresa, Baveno and Verbania

The archipelago consists of three islands, the small isle of St. John and a rock.

The islands began to take on their present appearance in the 14th century, when the powerful Borromeo family, originally from Florence, became the owner of the islands.

Isola Madre is the largest island covering an area of 7.8 hectares, followed by Isola Bella, with 6.4 hectares, Isola dei Pescatori with 3.4 hectares, the isle of St. John 0.4 hectares and finally the rock measuring 0.2 hectares.

The beauty of the Borromeo islands

Each of the three larger islands is distinct in its own right and beauty.

Isola Madre is highly rated for its large botanical park, with an abundance of plant species from all over the world. The impressive building now hosts numerous exhibitions where you can admire historical artifacts, porcelains, paintings, tapestries and frescos.

The main feature of Isola Bella is undoubtedly the Borromeo Palace and its gardens with painstaking attention to detail. From a distance you can admire the ship shape of the island, where you will find the terraced gardens at the stern and the buildings at the bow. It is estimated that there are over 2,000 varieties of different species of plants and flowers on the two islands.

Finally we reach the isola dei pescatori, the only island inhabited all year round. It is brimming with narrow streets, restaurants and village shops. It is the only island that does not belong to the Borromeo family. Once a fishing village, it has now become a tourist and gastronomic attraction.

Information, schedules and fares to the Borromeo islands

It can be reached by speed boat or large lake boats. You will find information, fares and timetables at the following sites: and

Visitors can buy package deals to visit all the Borromeo islands or just a return ticket to a single island.

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